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We offer custom stone installation for neighborhood and development entrances. We can also do any type of water features, electrical wiring and natural gas for lighting.

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This is an entrance to a subdivision located in Onslow County. The stone is a PA River Jax topped with a Tennessee Crab Orchard Capstone.


This is an entrance to a subdivision located in Brunswick County. The stone is Tennessee Crab Orchard Strip Rubble. The install includes a waterfall and capstone.


This sign includes the combination of dry stacked stone and stucco. This combination works great for adding the name of your neighborhood.


Stone columns are a great addition to any entrance. This column is built with a Tennessee Fieldstone that is dry stacked. It also includes a light fixture on the top that is a natural gas lamp with the natural gas piping inside the column.


Here is a stone column with a drystack exterior. It is topped with an extra thick solid stone cap. The light on the top is wired within the column for a nice, clean look.

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