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Red Mulch

Red Mulch is dyed with a food coloring type dye that is safe for plants and pets.


Chocolate Mulch

Chocolate Mulch uses the same safe dye as the red mulch and is quickly becoming one of our best selling mulches, it holds it’s color longer than any natural brown mulch.


Triple Shredded Hardwood

Triple Shredded Hardwood Mulch is the most popular mulch we sell because it knits together well, retains moisture, is a great weed barrier and adds to your soil as it decomposes.


Pine Nuggets

Small Pine Nuggets are recycled from the paper mills so the whole tree is put to great use with no waste.


Playground Cushion

Our Playground Cushion has been tested and certified to meet government standards to protect our children against falls, a copy of the report is on hand at the store.


Black Mulch

A new product for us is Black Mulch. It is made just like our always popular red and chocolate mulch’s.

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