Neighborhood Entrances
This sign includes the
combination of dry stacked
stone and stucco. This
combination works great for
adding the name of your
Stone columns are a great
addition to any entrance. This
column is built with a
Tennessee Fieldstone that is
dry stacked. It also includes a
light fixture on the top that is a
natural gas lamp with pre
plumbed natural gas piping
inside the column.
This is an entrance to a
subdivision located in
Brunswick County. The stone
is Tennessee Crab Orchard
Strip Rubble. The install
includes a waterfall and
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This is an entrance to a subdivision
located in Onslow County. The stone
is a PA River Jax topped with a
Tennessee Crab Orchard Capstone.
Here is a stone column with a
drystack exterior. It is topped
with an extra thick solid stone
cap. The light on the top is
wired within the column for a
clean look.